D.A.A. Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the benefits of having a Dose Administration Aid (D.A.A.)?

There are a range of benefits for getting your medications put into a D.A.A. These include your medication organised into correct dosing, day and time and ease of mind knowing you or your loved ones have taken their medication.

A D.A.A. helps to give people in the community added independence with or without the support of a relative or carer. Anyone on important medication will benefit no matter what their age.

What types of D.A.A.s are there?

We offer two types of D.A.As.

The BestMed Sachet Roll – All medications are packed into sachets according to day and dose time. This gives you the freedom of not having to organise your medications but the freedom to take a single sachet off the role if you wanted to leave the house and not take the weeks medication with you.

The Webster Blister Pack – All medications are packed into week’s blister pack according to day and dose time. This gives you the freedom of not having to organise your medications with an simple and easy visual to see what medications have already been taken for the day or week.

How do I start?

All you need to do is:

  • Fill in out our admission form on our website at or see us in store and we can fill out the admission form with you.
  • Bring in a medication profile of what you want us to pack for you (preferably completed by your doctor)
  • Bring in all your prescriptions
  • Let us know what day you would like to start

It is ideal to give 2 working days to set up the initial D.A.A. Please ensure you have enough medication at home to continue on during this time.

How will I get my D.A.A.?

We offer 3 possible ways to receive your D.A.A. Either pick up From Galluzzo’s Chemist Riverwood Plaza, pick up from Galluzzo’s Aged Care Pharmacy, or Delivery. Just select which method you will prefer and we will arrange that for you.

If you wish for your pack to be delivered we will deliver your pack the week before it is scheduled to start. The day will depend on the area you are in. For example, your pack that is due to start on Monday the 22nd of June will be delivered on either Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (16th, 17th, 18th) of the previous week

What will happen to my delivery if I am not home?

If you are not home to receive your medication delivery we will leave the medication in a safe location as instructed by you.

For example a common place for our customers is to have a small esky or box concealed near the front door for the delivery driver to leave the medication if not home.

What is the pharmacies policy on Generic Medication?

We encourage all our patients to take generic medications where possible. All brands of the same medicines will have the same potential health benefits as confirmed by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration. Therefore we recommend our patients to take the generic brands to save money as there is a brand price premium put on the majority of originator brands.

Who do I contact if I have a question about my medication?

If you have any question about your medication please phone 02 9717 5888 and they will be able to assist you.

Can I bring in medications from another pharmacy to be packed?

All medications and over the counter items must be sourced from our pharmacy (unless there is a special circumstance where we cannot obtain it).

Our prices for all items are fair and competitive against other pharmacies.

We do allow up to 1 months’ worth of medication to be brought into the pharmacy when first starting the D.A.A.

How do I organise a change to my D.A.A.?

If you require a change to your D.A.A. you need to notify our pharmacy as soon as possible. If we are notified by 12pm on a weekday we can organise our delivery driver to deliver your new medications to you on the same day. If we are notified after 12pm will can still make the change on the same day however we will not be able to deliver it until the following day. If the change is urgent we suggest coming into the pharmacy or sending a family member to pick up the new pack.

If the change occurs on a weekend we will provide you with enough medications to carry you over to Monday and deliver the new pack Monday morning.

How will I know when I need more prescriptions from my doctor?

We will attach a medication prescription request form to your D.A.A. when you are running low on prescriptions.

If your doctor is happy for the pharmacy to request prescriptions on behalf of you we will contact them directly, however in our experience most practioners wish to see their patients to ensure medication optimisation.

Can I get my Scheduled 8 medications packed into my D.A.A.?

We suggest to all our patients not to get their scheduled 8 medications put into their D.A.A. As there are limited prescription repeats allowed for these medications, in our experience waiting for the prescription to be written by the doctor can delay you receiving other vital medications on time.

We will still provide these medications but we suggest they be kept in their original box outside the D.A.A.

If you have any questions as to what these medications include please contact us on 02 9717 5888

Can the pharmacy organise non packed items including eye drops, puffers, creams, schedule 8 drugs and other over the counter items?

We suggest leaving all your prescriptions at the pharmacy and notifying us when you would like the item to be delivered. For same day delivery cut off is 12pm Monday to Friday, otherwise it will be the next working day.

If the item is a regular non packed medication, we can organise it to be delivered with every first of the month D.A.A. Please organise with our staff on 02 9717 5888 if you wish to do so. 

All items are added onto your account and paid for via a monthly statement

I am going on holidays and will need extra medication.

If you would like extra medications for any reason please notify us how many weeks and we can pack ahead of time for you. If you do go away it is important to let us know when you return so we can resume your regular schedule.  

Does the pharmacy monitor our Safety Net Record?

We constantly monitor our patient’s prescription records and automatically issue Safety Net Cards when our patients are eligible.

If you are initiating D.A.A.s and have had medications dispensed at another pharmacy in the same year we require a PRF (Patient Record Form) from that pharmacy to be added to our records. This will ensure the Safety Net Card is issued as soon as the patient is eligible.

If you have a spouse who purchases prescriptions from another pharmacy we will contact that pharmacy to combine your PRF if you provide the name of the spouse, and name and phone number of the pharmacy. 

How much does the packing cost?

Our ongoing packing service is free* for all patients with a valid concession, healthcare, pension or DVA card.

There is no set up fee for the BestMed Sachet D.A.A. There is a $10 initial set up fee if you choose to the Webster Blister D.A.A., this includes your initial Webster pack frame. And an ongoing optional delivery fee of $15 per month for those who want extra peace of mind for delivery. **

*All dispensed prescription and non-prescription medications required for your D.A.A. will be added to your account and paid via a monthly statement. If you do not have an entitlement card the monthly charge for medication packs is $15

** Delivery only available for local patients.

How will I receive my statement?

Our preferred method of sending your statement is via email. However, we can also post or attach the statement to your D.A.A. if you would prefer a hard copy.

Statements will be issued during the first week of the following month. For example the March statement will be issued to you during the first week of April.

Can the statement be sent to a family member or carer?

Of course, all we need is the name, relationship, contact number and either the email address or the postal address of the person handling the account to be filled out on the admission form. 

How do I pay my statement?

Our preferred method of payment is via direct debit. Funds will be debited from your account on the 3rd Thursday of each month for the previous month. For example the March statement will be debited from your account on the 3rd Thursday of April.

To set up a Direct Debit all you need to do is fill out our direct debit request form.

If you wish to pay your statement another way, we offer direct deposit (details on the bottom of the statement), over the phone credit card payments (call 02 9534 2000), or pay in store at either of our pharmacies

What happens if my statement is not paid?

All accounts are due within 30 days. If there is no payment received after 30 days your account will be suspended.

If there is a particular reason you cannot pay your account please contact us on 02 9534 2000

I have received my first statement and it is higher than expected.

Often the first statement for your D.A.A. is larger than the following months. This is because the work and time needed to prepare your medication can lead to a medication being dispensed twice in the first month.

To ensure you have your Monday morning dose the medication needs to be delivered the week prior to the day you start. For this to happen it needs to be dispensed by our technician, then it needs to be packed into the D.A.A., then it needs to be checked thoroughly by our pharmacist, then before it can be delivered it needs to be sorted into its correct section. Because of this process we often need to dispense 2-3 weeks ahead in time which causes a medication to appear twice on the invoice in the first month it is initiated.

There are other instances when an item may appear on an invoice twice in a month. This includes when a medication comes in a quantity of 28 or 25, as there is 30 days in a month there will be some months when the item appears twice.

Who do I contact if I have a question about my statement?

If you have any question about the statement please phone 02 9534 2000 (select option 1 for office staff) and they will be able to assist you.

Who do I contact if the patient have been taken to hospital?

You will need to contact the pharmacy on 02 9717 5888 to let them know about the hospital admission. We will put your medication on hold and resume when we are notified of the discharge from the hospital.

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